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Magner 6300 Currency Dispenser

Magner 6300 Currency Dispenser

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Automating the manual currency handling portion of your tellers responsibilities allows them to become your marketing
sales force. Remember they are the primary contact with your depositors. What tellers are commonly lacking is the
quality time to initiate a real dialogue with the depositor to discuss other products and services your institution offers.
Currency Dispensers increase security, automate vault buys, reduce currency levels, automate balancing, and
dramatically increase teller efficiency and retention. The end result, you give your tellers a tool to successfully
implement your marketing plan and create a cross-selling environment.
Designed for Simplicity

  • Small footprint allows for easy integration without having to rework the branch
  • Slides under standard counter
  • Dual workstation capability
  • One touch easy cassette removal
  • Large capacity cassettes are easy to load and require less downtime refilling
  • User friendly 21ine display provides Error Status Messaging

Currency Parameters

  • Available in 5 & 6 cassette, configurable for any denomination
  • Tamper proof seals and locks available


  • 3000 note capacity per cassette
  • Total capacity-18,000 notes
  • Dispensing speed of 7 notes per second