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Glory Mach 3 Coin Sorter

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The Mach 3 is a versatile, cost-efficient, compact coin sorter that simplifies and speeds coin processing for any business that counts, sorts or packages coin. The simplicity of the patented Figure 8 technology provides optimal and accurate sorting at 1,500 coins per minute. This makes the Mach 3 one of the fastest in its class. Versatile options to meet your needs Coins can be sorted into drawers, bags or tubes for rolling. When the tubing option is used, coin can be sorted first and then rolled by denomination, or it can be done in one easy step. The cash till sorting kit is also a fast way to count tills, especially in retail locations where a large number of cashiers are  employed. The compact design of the Mach 3 and the optional carrying case make it easy to transport between locations.