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CountR CashIO – Automated Cash Handling Kiosk

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Boosting revenues while cutting costs – it can be done!

Long lines at the cashiers mean increased machine idle time – and that hurts both your bottom line and your customers’ satisfaction. Plus, all over the world, coinless and cashless gaming is gaining ground against the traditional coin-based systems.

CashIO: Cash It Out is the solution

Since the CashIO automates cashier operations, it not only reduces cash handling costs but also offers player improved service.

  • Streamlined processes, lower costs
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased gaming time
  • Greater security

CashIO is a versatile, flexible system with all the features needed to support casino operators at every level – right up to cashless gaming. It even allows the simultaneous use of banknotes, coins, and cashless media such as tickets and cards (TITO – ticket-in / ticket-out).

The system offers maximum convenience and outstanding ease of use for customers. There are three main applications for CashIO:

  • Jackpot payouts
  • Ticket redemption and issuing (TITO)
  • Card management

Jackpot Payouts

Winnings, jackpots and other payouts can be withdrawn from CashIO by casino personnel. By offering faster payouts, casinos can serve customers better and hand winnings over to waiting players more quickly. Casino personnel can select a particular combination of denominations in order to tailor the payout to customer preferences. Traditionally, small sums are paid out in coins right at the machine.

The popularity of coin-less and cash-less gaming has opened up the following applications:

Ticket redemption and issuing

Increasingly, coins are being replaced by tickets as the gaming currency of choice (TITO – ticket-in / ticket-out). The gaming machine issue players a ticket representing their winnings. With the ticket, they can either move on to another slot machine or go to the CashIO, where they can collect their winnings without standing in line at the cashier’s cage.

CashIO is able to print tickets even for the coin change during redemption transactions. This allows optional coinless operation at the CashIO.

Card Management

Another recent trend is the use of cards as a gaming currency for machine-based gaming. CashIO can issue and charge up RFID, magstripe, or smart cards with cash. Customers insert their banknotes into the terminal; the CashIO takes a card from its stock and initializes it. The paid-in amount is then credited to the player/card account.

This allows cardholders to play at any appropriately equipped machine, with winnings credited to the card. Before leaving the casino, the balance can be redeemed from the CashIO in cash, either partially or in one lump sum. Anonymous customer cards are retained for later reuse. And if personalized cards or customer loyalty cards are issued, the CashIO will return them to the players after they cash out. No matter what gaming machines you currently use or plan to use, CashIO is already designed to support you.