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AMROTEC -1000 Currency Discriminator (2 pocket)

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AMROTEC® X-1000 , replaces all SBM SB1000 series (SB1000 & SB1100) and is the high-performance & heavy-duty currency discriminator with a dedicated reject pocket. It is equipped with the most comprehensive, user-friendly functions necessary for high-volume bank tellers and retail cashiers in such cash handling environment. With an ergonomic design, 3.5″ color TFT Color display and user-friendly symbolic user-interface for users, the X-1000 not only provides tellers trouble-free operation and an efficient working environment, but, also allows uninterrupted counting experience with dedicated reject pocket, thus increase productivity and job efficiency.

Like our X-1 model, X-1000 also equipped with few innovative user-interface features, such as:

  1. Dual Users feature for two tellers or cash registers to be able to shre one machine having own settings and individual print reports.
  2. Each X-1000 machine is pre-loaded with dual USD software and can be customized to be most restricted version software for bank teller’s environment or for a relax version software with higher recognition for retail cashiers;
  3. X-1000 can also be customized to be included with all counting modes or only those are needed for customers for simplicity. Such customization can be done by your sales representative or by a trained personal at customer’s location.

    X-1000 further provides higher security standards against the latest counterfeiting attempts through multi-detection technology including IR sensor, while still maintaining a low false alarm level and an excellent acceptance rate of bill recognition.


  • Product Description

                     Main Feature
    Count Counts bills at 600 / 900 / 1500 notes per min
    All Discriminating Modes: less 800 notes per min


    Identifies and counts mixture denomination banknotes without separating, show total value and individual total


    Count and separate one denomination of banknote from other mixed denomination.


    Face mode will process all faced (front side) notes into the main pocket and unfaced (back side) to the reject pocket.


    Orient mode will process all faced (front side) and one direction banknotes into the main pocket and same face and other direction to the reject pocket.
    Print Print mode will print a report of value and piece count of all denomination of notes with RS232 Serial Dot Matrix or Thermal Printer. Dual Users can use one single printer to print individual counts and keep track on them.
    [ Advanced X-1000 model can be equipped with optional feature to read banknote serial numbers or decoding barcoded tickets require in various institutions and venues.]


    1 main & 1 reject
    Note Hopper
    500 new / 400 old
    200 new / 150 old
    100 notes / max
    CF Detection
     UV / MG /  IR Detection
    13″ (W) x 13″ (D) x 13.8″ (H)
    33 lbs / 15 Kgs
    90V ~ 240V/50-60Hz